Some Common Questions About Xmarks Premium

Why Premium?

Sign up for Xmarks Premium to receive the complete Xmarks experience and to help us make Xmarks even better. By becoming a premium member, you will be joining a thriving community that receives our direct and immediate attention. You will also unlock access to a host of Xmarks Premium Only Features that will extend and improve your experience with Xmarks and increase your security both online and offline.

Can I Use Xmarks Premium On Multiple Devices?

Yes! Your Xmarks Premium account can be used on all of your computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices at no additional cost.

How Much Does Xmarks Premium Cost?

$1 per month billed annually. We also provide the option to pre-purchase a number of years upfront.

Why a Recurring Fee?

Paying a recurring fee will allow you to continually benefit from our advances as we continually improve Xmarks and add new features. It forces us to innovate and continually improve the product to retain your subscription. It also allows you to try out the premium service without the obligation of committing to a large up-front one time fee.

What If I'm Unhappy With My Purchase?

If you are unhappy for whatever reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Before doing so though, we ask that you please contact us to give us the opportunity to understand and rectify any issues you might be having.

What If I Want To Purchase Premium Memberships In Bulk?

Please contact us for assistance with bulk purchases.

What Happens When I Renew My Xmarks Premium Membership?

Renewing your membership adds additional years of service onto your existing subscription. So for example, if you still have 2 months left on your existing membership, subscribing for another year will result in a 14 month balance.